Start Here: Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese

Posted on 29. Sep, 2009 by in Before You Start!

BEFORE WE EVEN BEGIN to talk about how this
or ANY program can help you get results, there is ONE
HUGE reason why most people fail to achieve in life

and I have a video that I’d for you to watch before we
even talk “business” and I know it will help you:

Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese

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Arne Diependaele

18. May, 2010

Zane, your video link is broken


18. May, 2010

thanks Arne I have fixed it :)

Jacob Korn

03. Aug, 2010

That is an amazing video. Tony Robbins has so much useful knowledge and wisdom that you would be kidding yourself not to listen to him.

In the video he mentions John Reese’s 1 million dollar day. Here’s another video where Tony interviews John Reese about this specific day and how he did it. Well worth the watch.

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