Instant FaceBook Games Review And Bonus

Do You know that You can Make Money from using Facebook Games

and its only take 5 minutes of your time to do so.

Read this Blog post and You will Thanks Me for Sharing this Information with You

In this blog post I will share with you how you can embed a Ready Made Flash Games on facebook and start make money from ads banners that show above and under the Game Screen. and NO you don’t have to create or program those games because in this post  I will show where to Get Games for FREE

What is  Facebook Game Application?

First of all if you don’t know what  ‘ Facebook Game Application’ means then you are not alone! Me too I didn’t know what does it mean till last month when someone introduced me to this New way of making money online and the beauty of this method you don’t need any experience or any internet marketing background its very simple that a Kid can do it.

Facebook Game application: is a Page on Facebook created using Instant Fb Games Software to show simple flash Games where you can play and share your score result with your facebook friends, and if you have been using facebook for long you probably came across one of those flash games and have tried some of them.

How To Earn Money from Those Facebook Games?

There are many ways you can make money from these games for example  you can  embed Clickbank OR amazon Banners above and under the Game screen, those Banner ads will be showing to all players of your game.and hence you get massive exposure to your ads banners.

Another example is to join a CPA (click Per Action)  ads network, these networks will allow you to embed their banners ads above and under your facebook Game screen and you the only way to get paid from CPA ads network is by either when a player click on ads or when a player response to ads by  filling up a form to get a free sample .

The CPA ads network  I use for my facebook game application is called maxbounty, this is my favorite one  and I  do recommend you to sign up with them here its free

Does This Really Work?

Well lets do the math here, Imagine when every time someone play your game on facebook and share it with his/her friends, your game will soon become popular played by hundreds then thousands and hence your ads banners will be seen by all the  people who played your game. your ads banner will get massive free exposure, so basically there is a high chance that few of those players either are going to click on ads or response to it and this is how you will start earning  money by serving ads .

Okay I am convinced What Are The Steps ?

  • Register a Free Account with This CPA ads Network site MaxBounty

Additional Tips (optional): Wanna be more creative and make Extra Facebook Application other than Games such as

Daily Horoscope ,Fortune cookie ,Daily Quotes,Lotto Number picker.. example I made this Best of Mr Bean

….Then you will need to get This Second Recommended Facebook Extra Application Software

Watch the video Tutorial below to see how easy it is to set up FaceBook Game application  in just  5 minutes (okay 10 minutes if you are a newbie !)

Links from Above video



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