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Download Andy Fletcher Digi Traffic Multiplier Review PDF Manual
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Well, I finally got my hands on a full version of Andy Fletcher’s Digi Traffic Multiplier wordpress plugin and I gotta say it is awesome!!!! Andy Fletcher is simply a genius for putting yahoo answer and this autoblogging wp wplugin together. In case this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you need to know it is a new generation of autoblogging plugins for wordpress that delivers unique content from the search engines perspective and very readable and sensible material for the human reader…… almost unbelievable.

Download The Digi Traffic Multiplier Review Manual


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The Digi Traffic Multiplier is easy to set up. There’s a set up page that uses basic information. Certain “keys” are needed and there are instructions on how to get them if needed.Like most plugins you will add some keywords and you’ll need to set up a cron job. However, this is fully explained and even a very basic novice can figure it out in 10 minutes. Support via the HelpDesk is outstanding and you’ll find some great ideas in the Digi Traffic Multiplier thread on the Warrior Forum.

You will define the “category” that the posts will go to along with telling the plugin how many posts to make per day or week. There are other variables to mess around with, all designed to give you a more complete and functional blog post.


The Draw back about this Plugin is that it can only set to post under one category only for each blog.

Sounds good, but how do I start making money with Digi Traffic Multiplier?


Just 4 simple steps:

1. Download your copy of DTM and upload to your WordPress blog
2. Follow the step-by-step configure instructions
3. Set the Digi Traffic Multiplier to work
4. Sit back and watch your traffic go through the roof!

And that’s it! You don’t need to do any more. And while you’re having fun, the DTM is working… and this is what it’s doing:

Every time someone finds your blog through a search engine, the DTM instantly registers the keyword they used

Within seconds, the keyword has been checked against Google and Yahoo’s keyword suggestion tools, generating a range of long-tail and synonymic related keywords

Content is found using these related terms on Yahoo Answers… a completely white-hat source with full permission to republish…

Any content you don’t need is removed… and the rest receives complete and accurate on-page SEO

The DTM publishes your new content, and you’ve just got a targeted post that’ll draw search engine traffic like moths to a flame… all without you lifting a finger!

It’s that simple. The DTM even works if you’re just starting out with your blog… just seed it a few niche keywords and it’ll generate the content to give you the kickstart you need! You’ll have a river of targeted traffic flowing into your blog… and as we all know, more traffic means more money!

Download The Digi Traffic Multiplier Review Manual


Buy DTM using this Special Discount Link




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