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My email was full of this promotion , everything was sound promising until I found this ugly truth about Chad App Empire program , I am here to make you aware only and not to prevent you from purchasing it.. below is my Chad App Empire Review, also watch my Review Video showing you inside the member area because i have already purchased a copy myself

UPDATE : Chad App Empire will re-open again this FEB 2013

Chad App Empire Review

1.Chad program will not make you any money unless you actually start hire a programmer and outsourcer, this mean you need to spend an extra 3k-5k to make the app

2.Chad 30 days policy will not considered until you return your physical CD in no late than 30 days , I dont know why this physical CD is necessary since they are provided inside the online member area..beside who have the 30 days time to check the program and return it by post especially if you live out of USA

3. you are actually paying for 2 softwares and not 3 because the third software Chad state that he will not give it to you until you built App and get more than 1000 download , means chad will not give you the 3rd software until you spend another 3k or 5 k..

4.his software is no more than an analytic apple store software . iam sure sooner someone inside WSO will release a similar software .. for the third one I think its very advanced and thats why chad afraid to give it to mass


In a Summary if you have 7k-10K to startup the business thenĀ  Buy Chad App Empire because you will need extra budget for building your first app, in my opinion if you buy because of the software inside the membership area only then don’t because software wont last once apple upgrade their system the software will fail as soon as apple stop providing or put a limit on their API.

regarding video showing kid I was trying harder to find his application online but I couldn’t .. my question why none of the kids and chad himself tell us his apple ID so we can see what kind of app he is selling … secrets maybe

Thanks for taken time reading my Chad App Empire Review post..please submit your review using the button below ..I do read them all

Resource it may help you for building app is Chad blog , he got useful informationĀ  for free here or you can register for his free webinar here

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