Alternative to Perpetual Traffic Formula

Alternative to Perpetual Traffic Formula by Zane Abden

 I have no intension to bad mouth The Perpetual Traffic Formula product if you have a spare 2k go for it .  or you can save  your hard earn money and apply this alternative method to get the result you want which is a high rank optimized SEO page.

 This alternative method will not completely replace the perpetual traffic product from the contents point of view (it will not give you access to listen to those gurus or webinars) but I do believe your goal is not to get access to a bunch of webinars but to get the result you are looking for and to learn how to implement the SEO strategies as soon as possible

 I am not against the content of the perpetual traffic formula but I don’t agree that it take $2000 to get a solid SEO knowledge. I don’t know about you but For me spending $2000 and then I still need to spend more on extra resources like hosting and outsources is INSANE

I don’t care how fancy the information are going to represent to you and how many gurus you are going to have access to listen to their webinars, at the end of the day your result will all depend on what keywords you have selected, the popularity of your niche,  and how many competitive sites available.

 So before you buy this high tag price product I advice you take a look at my alternative methods that what I believe it will save you lots of your hard earned income.

Finally, at the end of this page I have left a links to all the resources Iam going to mention in my article below.. if you have any question or if you like my post use the comment box below..please excuse my none native English writing skill   


The Alternative method to Perpetual Traffic Formula without spending $2000

Estimate cost: $400-$600   

According to Perpetual Traffic Formula in order to achieve a high rank for any page/post you will need to make sure that your page/post comply with the following three components.

(Unique Optimized Content) + (links) + (activity) = SEO


First Component: Original optimized unique content

This content should be made using the following steps:

Step1: find a high search and low competition keywords (you can find this keyword using market samurai tool )

Step2:  get a unique written article (minimum 300 words) and must contain  the above found keywords (write it yourself from scratch using word document or write it yourself faster using this tool “instant article factory” ,  OR outsource by paying $6 per article using this site )

Step3: optimized your written page/poste using this plugin “seo Pressor” this plugin will tell you what exactly you need to do to make the page/post SEO friendly you can even set it up to do the optimization for you at just one click!

———–That is you are done with component one———-


Second Component: Links

 There are three types of Links  “Inbound Links” ,  “External Backlinks” , and ”Outbound Links

Inbound links: means you create more than two or three page/post talking about the same topic then link them with each others

you can achieve this inbound linking by simply create two or three page/post talking about the same topic then link them together using the following free plugins (Related post plugin and simple tag plugin )


External Backlinks: means leave a links on other high page rank (PR) sites that point back to your page/post , you can do this by applying one or all of the following options:

  • Option1: bookmark your page/post URL link to all those high page rank (PR) site such as Digg, propeller, delicious , mixx, reddit ,jumptags and many others (you can either do this manually or using one of the following software such as bookmarking demon, or SERP)   
  •  Option2: search for .gov and .edu sites, leave a comment with links back to your page/post ( you can either do this manually using the code from perpetual traffic free guide or use this software called “Blog comment demon”)
  •  Option3: post a new article that contains link back to your page/post to article directories such as 

Make sure the article you submit to the above article directors must not be the same copy. you can either created those articles using  step2 from the above “first component section” or use the same original article and spin it (mean make lots of  different copies using the best spinner tool)
 Outbound Links: those are links that take your visitors to the original site where your idea or topic is generated from, be careful here and make sure to use (open in a new window) so you wont lose your visitors. this outbound link is good to tell google that your page/post is very related to the topic .

———–That is you have done with  LINKS component————– 


Third components:Activity

Means Google want to see if your page/post  is important enough to put it infront other similar high rank sites, and the only way to figure this is by looking at your page/post activities. According to my knowledge, an activite page/post is the one has achieved the following:

- Low bounce rate:  means the average time in second that a visitor stay on page/post without pushing back button or leaving the page , basically the longer the visitor stay the lower the bounce rate

-  The amount of arguments happen between a visitors:  this can only achieve by leaving a comment to your page/post and you can cheat google by applying the following:

But before I get into this . let me tell you this there is a high chance that a person will leave a comment on your page/post if it has at least one comment which will encourage to start an argument. that’s why cheating by leaving a comment to your own blog post/page is a good idea here under one condition this comment should encourage the visitor to start an argument.

Example “hi nice post” Vs “hi that good idea but I don’t agree with this because of…”

Offcourse the second comment will help to start an argument between your visitors than the first one


Okay so here what you need to do to trigger the activity rate of your page:

Make sure you don’t start leave a comment to your own page/post until after 24-48 hours of posting your page/post to make it look naturally to google.

The software I use to leave a comment is called “blog comment demon”

this software is not just support multiple proxy addresses but also help you find .gov and .edu sites quickly without need to use the code that Ryan mentioned plus you can schedule your comments and randomize your link and usernames for each comment as well to make them look naturally to google.

the only setback here is in order to make this method work you will have to buy proxy addresses ( 5 proxy for $20/month from to use them with the software so your comments will not look like they are coming from one person

———That is you have done with your third component (activity)——————


Below are links to my recommended tools and resources. Those are my affiliate links, if you feel that I deserve an affiliate commission then use them otherwise use the original links.

Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate your comments and your support. 


First Component Tools

Marker Samurai : it does more than what cherry picker software, search for keywords , show competition, show ranking, publish content, find new or aged domain name, and much more.

Seo pressor: wordpress plugin that optimized your page/post, tell you the density of keywords and much more. Basically its like having an SEO person tell you what you should do to your post/page content. (optional) : a place to buy content from $6 per article, you basically tell them your keywords and how many words you want your article contains then in 48 hours max you receive your contents.

Instant article factory (optional): if you are like me don’t like to write article or your English isn’t your native language then this software help you write unique article in 15 minutes!


Second Component Tools

Related Post Plugin (free): WordPress Plugin that search for related posts/pages inside your blog and list them under your page/post contents  

Simple Tag Plugin (free): WordPress plugin that turn some selected keywords into a heyperlink that links to other posts/pages in your blog. Its also has an extra features beyond the scope of this article.

Bookmarking Demon: it’s a desktop software work while your computer is turn on, use it to submit your page/post URL link to many high PR sites saving you lots of time.

SERPassist (optional): it’s a server software means work on background and no need for your computer to turn on while doing schedule task, highly recommended for getting backlinks

The Best Spinner : spin any original article content into many different versions,  great tool to create none duplicate contents in a very short time.


Third Component Tools : buy as many proxy address as you like and use them with automated comments publishing software to make your comments look like they are coming from different person.

Blog Comment Demon: schedule comment, randomize user name and links, support multi proxy address and help you find .gov and .edu sites.

For more SEO Resources visit this site

Thanks in advance for sharing my article with your facebook friends using the blue button located on the right side of this page



01. Aug, 2010

Good post and advice, thanks.

This is a MUCH betters strategy than wasting $2000 on that insanely priced “Perpetual Traffic Formula.”

Hopefully people will run across this BEFORE they’ve wasted their money (or at least while they can still get their money back).

Val Kinsky

01. Aug, 2010

Hey Zane,

Thanks a lot for this post. I really appreciate you taking your time to share your methods and resources – not a lot of people would actually do this.
I am 100% sure that those who bought Perpetual Traffic will soon find out that this was just a waste of money and time.
The problem is that when you are new to all of this, it is difficult to figure out where to start.
Your free advice is as solid as any paid course, and will work for anyone who is prepared to invest time and some money into it, but mostly time.
As I said before, the main issue (after you have learned how to launch a website, do keyword research, etc.) is converting your traffic into sales, and I was wondering if you could share your ideas with regard to this.



Val Kinsky

01. Aug, 2010

Hey Zane,

With regard to the free plugins, there are dozens of Related post and Simple Tag plugins. Are you using any one specific?




01. Aug, 2010

Good stuff dude. Keep it up!


01. Aug, 2010


01. Aug, 2010

you welcome Val
there are many way to convert your traffic into sales , however they are all share one purpose is to pre-sale:means is to provide enough information to help your visitor to make an educated decesion to buy the product

most popular options used today to convert traffic are:

option1: make a review blog post talk about the positive and negative of your product (make your review like its coming from a newspaper writer and not from an affiliate )

option2: if your affiliate product offer free ebook or video get that “free offer” make an extra opt-in form page and start capture your visitor email, then follow up with them with more information

I have already wrote a free course about it “internet profit bootcamp”. you can sign up for it just click on home watch my video and get your free membership . there is no backend sales here :)

Val Kinsky

02. Aug, 2010

Thanks, Zane. I greatly appreciate all your suggestions. Sounds like I have a lot of work to do.

I will be checking your “Internet Profit Bootcamp” soon.




02. Aug, 2010

Hey Zane – kind of a newbie and was just about to pluck down 2k – thanks. BTW these plugins ar only for wordpress sites? What if I have a site created w say dreamweaver? how do I seo that? again a newbie.


02. Aug, 2010

Hi Jeff
if you are using dreamweaver then this required lots of html code and optimization using meta tag and h1,h2..etc

but since you are a newbie then why not try to use wordpress to create your sites they are easy fast and Google love wordpress better than any html based site

I have a video tutorial memebrship that show you how to setup wordpress blog. I normaly charge for this but for people who are reading this page they can get it here for free

another suggestion if you really want to learn how to make niche blogs that can give you residual income on a monthly basis then this autobloging blueprint site is the one I recommend most (Iam a member too)

I am always there helping other members and its a great place to meet and learn from other internet marketers :)

[...] was just reading this article by Zane Abden over at Internet Bootcamp Profit. The articles offers an overview on how to [...]


02. Aug, 2010

IMPORTANT NEWS , Iam amember of this Autoblogging blueprint formula if you would like to see a Behind a Shoulder of how to set a blog and make it SEO friendly and get the traffic you need

please read below

The Mike Johnson A to Z Auto Blog Series
Hey Everyone,

I am beginning a Journal here today of my journey through the creation of 3 Auto Blogs. Each Auto Blog will be created with my ABB Optimized Installation Package and I will install the blogs on Hosting I have recommended here in the Blueprint. I will also use some of the Member to Member services offered here in the forum to show my support for members and to also guage the effectiveness of their offerings. I will provide you with written logs here of my steps in this process and we all can watch these Auto Blogs grow together and see the successes and failures and how I manage these sites and work to make them better.

Of course, your questions and comments during this process will be answered as well and this will also be documented with a series of videos as well.

Each Auto Blog will be built with a different Advanced Plugin configuration to show you some of the different ways I like to create my Auto Blogs and to provide you with more insight on the process. This will be done in real time and not on an accelerated rate. I am in fact, creating these blogs as I make the videos, so you may see me mess up and make corrections. This is a benefit. It is important to see mistakes as well as successes and how to fix problems that arise.

Each blog will have a different niche. We will track the success of the Blog in it’s rankings in Google and I will use Clicky to track analytics on each site. No additional link building outside of what I show you in the Blueprint will be used. I will follow the Steps for building links and Seasoning the domains as outlined in the ABB in order to show you exactly what is meant by each written Step in the ABB in a more defined a clear way. Hopefully this will allow those of you who need more help to find the path you need for success.

The domains and Niches will be picked tomorrow. I will use a combination of Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder to find the best niches and domains. I already own the domains in question, but they all need seasoning as they are new.

Thanks to all for being members of the ABB. I hope this Journal thread helps you find the additional information you require and provides you all with the final keys to success.

Mike Johnson

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03. Aug, 2010

awesome tips. great post….

i think the thing people like is the whole ‘system’ aspect of doing the PT course…

[...] This is some really good, solid and free SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization advice. Amplify’d from [...]


04. Aug, 2010

Thanks for the great advice Zane, I’m look forward to reading your articles in

I was researching Deiss’s PTF when I found you on , I reckon you’ll save loads of people from wasting $2K.

Cheers, Phil.


14. Aug, 2010

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Pete Stiltz

10. Jun, 2011

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22. Feb, 2012

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19. Mar, 2012

I would like to use the ability of saying thanks to you for that professional advice I have always enjoyed browsing your site. We are looking forward to the actual commencement of my school research and the entire groundwork would never have been complete without checking out your blog. If I can be of any assistance to others, I’d personally be happy to help by means of what I have learned from here.


12. Nov, 2012

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These are the 2 plugins,

Related Post Plugin (free)
Simple Tag Plugin (free):


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This news was astounding to many Americans who saw looting break out after events like the reading of the Mehserle verdict in Oakland, CA.
Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited
contributions to third-party groups that don’t have to disclose their donors.

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23. Jan, 2014

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