About Bootcamp

 Internet Marketing is just like a Sport, it can be very difficult if you are trying to learn every online marketing strategy at once. This is like trying to master all games tennis, soccer , golf ..etc all at a same time. In this online Bootcamp I will show you how to master one simple technique that does not required you much skills, all you need to do is to FOCUS on this method and soon you will see a cash coming to you on auto pilot!

The Internet profit Bootcamp was created for all levels to help you understand the basic of Internet Marketing. once you master this Bootcamp you are free to move on and learn more advanced strategies.

The whole idea of this online bootcamp is to make every thing easy and simple for you to prepare you to be ready for Internet marketing world and also I would like you to consider my Joint Venture offer located under Joint Venture section . Working alone online can be slow and sometimes boring, believe me you are missing the opportunity to leverage your time and effort when you don’t joint venture(JV) and team up with other Internet Marketers.

So its very important that you should consider investing time in this Bootcamp, take action fellow every steps and start associate yourself with me and my partners. I am looking forward to build a long term relationship with you.

Zane Abden

Auckland, New Zealand.

Skype Me: zane.abden


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Below is a summary of what you will learn during your 7 Modules Bootcamp. Using our Sequential course Delivery System you are going to receive your Module Lessons on a timely bases so you can catch up and to make sure that you have understood and applied the information in your current module, So no need to rush just take your time and if you are stuck you can always reach me through skype or email.

  • Module 1: is all bout the psychology of Marketing , What is the secret of Marketing Vs Advertising.
  • Module 2: is all about Branding yourself; this is a very important step, you will learn how to build your own Blog that has your name on it. People will know you through this Blog, and sooner you will find yourself having a big list of People who trust you and see you as a Professional, They will listen to you, buy from you and from your recommended sources.
  • Module 3: How to use Aweber to build your list of interested Leads and fellow up with them .
  • Module 4: How to use Keyword research tool, a very important step before spending your precious time on building any Marketing niche website .
  • Module 5: You will learn how to build your first piece of Virtual estate online .
  • Module6: Is about how to drive huge targeted traffic to any website, improve your website rank at Google search engine, And you will also learn how to Automate your tasks so you don’t have to stick your nose to your computer all day!.
  • Module 7: This is the Business Module; you will learn how to pick up a product from ClickBank.com and start promote it, you will also have a chance to get introduced to E-commerce Busienss, basically this is the day that you will enter an Affiliate Marketers World. You will also learn how to build your Multiple Stream of Income (M.S.I)

This is not the end. From time to time I will keep posting up-to-date strategies and tips under “News/Posts”‘ section, so keep your eyes on this section and subscribe to its feed to receive the latest updates and news.

Please understand that these are not a cheap lessons that I am giving away for free. I am doing this in purpose to prepare you to become one of the people who are make their living online using the internet, those people are called Internet Marketers or another name Affiliate Marketers. You may also notice that you will not need to create your own products or have lots of money infornt to startup, this is perfect for you if you are just like me and other affiliates followers want to work from anywhere anytime and enjoy having the freedom of their life.

So what are you waiting for !!! Go ahead start your lesson by going into Before we start section , inside there is a very important video I want you to watch before we even start talking business..There is ONE HUGE reason why most people fail to achieve in life, you will find out why when you watch this video .